About R&D product verification

When a manufacturer/research institute engages in government-sponsored research and development (R&D), progress report including the performance result verified by 3rd party organization is required during an interim evaluation or at the end of the project.
KR Hellas, as a third-party organization who has not involved in the project, issues a statement on compliance after verifying the achievements of the quantitative goal of developed products from an objective and fair perspective.
For manufacturers with difficulties in establishing verification procedures, we guide you to assist manufacturers in saving time for preparation.
Verification result

Statement on compliance issued after verifying the achievement of the “quantitative goal” as mentioned in the project plan

Verification scope
  • Drawing review
  • Verification of structural analysis
  • Product inspection
  • Witness test at laboratory
  • Other activities required by manufacturer or owner
Examples of product
  • Pump, Motor, Heat exchanger, Valve
  • Fuel Gas Supply System
  • Underwater exploration equipment, smartphone housing for diving
  • Elevator
  • Offshore plant Drilling Machine, Shale Shaker
  • Flame retardant leather
  • Electronic simulator
  • LED light
  • Other products requested by manufacturer