Storage Tank

Korean Register, the parent company of KR Hellas, conducts third-party inspection of equipment supplied for government projects, such as the construction of subway stations (Seoul and Busan), highway tunnels, and sewage treatment plants.Based on 14 domestic branches and 55 overseas branches of KR, we can dispatch agents to clients from the nearest office. Through short-distance visitations, we are capable of scheduling appointments as desired by our clients and minimize related costs.
Example of Product
  • Fan
  • Pump
  • Motor
  • Valve
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Emergency generator
  • Crane
  • Pressure vessel
Track records
  • Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, Seoul Metro, Busan Transportation Corporation: Ventilators, etc.
  • K-water: Third-party inspection for the welding of drain doors for the construction of estuary banks of Nakdonggang River, hydraulic cylinders
  • Korea Land & Housing Corporation, Korea Expressway Corporation: Emergency generators, control panels, valves, etc.
  • Defense Acquisition Program Administration: Ventilators, etc.
  • Korea Gas Corporation: LNG pumps, gas compressors, gas heaters, cryogenic valves, cranes, etc.
  • Korea Rural Community Corporation: Saemangeum lock gate hydraulic cylinders, large drain pumps, control panels, emergency generators, etc.
  • Korea Airports Corporation: Ventilators, etc.
  • Korea Electric Power Corporation: Ventilators