The ADR* and RID* are European agreements related to the international carriage of dangerous goods by the RID Safety Committee and the Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15).
The RID Safety Committee and WP.15 manage the European agreement on the transport of dangerous goods by rail (RID) and road (ADR), respectively. KR Hellas has acquired the authority to examine gas vessels and containers for transporting dangerous goods for export to Europe and provides related services.
* ADR : European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
* RID : Regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail
Applicable Regulation and Product
Regulation Product category Products
ADR 6.2
RID 6.2
Pressure vessel, Valve and its auxiliaries pressure receptacle, aerosol dispenser, small receptacles (including gas cartridges), fuel cell cartridge (for liquefied flammable gas)
ADR 6.7
RID 6.7
Portable tank, MEGC -Portable tank (Capacity > 450 liter)
- MEGC (assemblies of cylinders, tubes which are interconnected by a manifold and assembled within framework)
Certification procedure