Definition of MOM
Conformity assessment by a designated, notified body must be performed prior to importing boilers and pressure vessels to Singapore. Devices for installation in Singapore need approval for installation through a registration process. The fabrication survey report, which is one of the requirements for registration, can only be acquired through the MOM certification.
Applicable Standard
Applicable Product
  • Air receivers
  • Steam receivers
  • Refrigeration plant pressure receivers
  • Steam boilers including autoclaves
  • Economisers
  • Superheaters
Required document for registration of boiler/pressure vessel in SIngapore
  • Construction drawing incl. weld details
  • Design calculation (endorsed by Overseas inspection agency)
  • Layout plan of boiler/room conforming to Singapore Standard CP27
  • Steam piping diagram (as per ASME 31.1 or 31.3), if applicable
  • Gas train layout plan (as per BS 5885), if applicable
  • Original fabrication survey report