KR Hellas Ex-proof Certification

KR Hellas functions as the notified body for IECEx (ExCB) and ATEX (ExNB)

Simultaneous achievement of IEC Ex and ATEX Certifications from KR Hellas. Reasonable certification fees and reduction of certification time One-stop Factory audit for IECEx QAR, ATEX QAN

KR Hellas Ex-proof Certification scope
  • Flameproof enclosure ‘d’
  • Pressurized enclosure ‘p’
  • Increased safety ‘e’
  • Intrinsic safety ‘i’
  • Type of protection ‘n’
  • Encapsulation ‘m’
  • Dust ignition protection by enclosure ‘t’
  • Optical radiation ‘op-is’
  • Non-electrical equipment (only for ATEX)