KR Hellas ASME Certification

KR Hellas ASME Certification Service
KR Hellas provides a one-stop solution for the best of quality of boilers, pressure vessels, and nuclear equipment. ASME, the accredited inspector of KR Hellas, ensures the quality and reliability of boilers and pressure vessels by providing inspection services according to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the National Board Inspection Code, while also verifying compliance with mandatory certifications by national and international standards.
Advantage of KR Hellas
  • Fairness and Independency
    Fair decision without involvement of stakeholders or other parties
    Judgement as per object criteria such as regulations and international standards
  • Prompt service
    Reduction of preparation time by operating dedicated departments for quoting and consulting procedures
    Specialized department for design review
    Support for urgent inspection request
  • Inspection Fee
    Reasonable fee against high-quality inspection service
  • Professionality and Experience
    Exclusive inspection services by professional inspectors with over ten years of experience
    Troubleshooting and provision of solution
    Documentation guide