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Construction Product Regulation lays down harmonized rules for permanently installed construction products in the EU.

Applicable standards
  • Construction Product Regulation 305/2011/EU
  • Product technical standards prescribed in EU Harmonized Standards list
      예) EN 1090-1, EN 10025, EN 13501, etc.
Applicable Products
Product category Products
Structural metallic product Plate, Sheet, Coil
Hollow section
Casting, Forging
Welding Consumables
High-strength structural bolting assemblies
Door, Window Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows
CPR (305/2011/EU)
CPR Decision 98/214/EC
CPR Decision 99/93/EC
Official Journal 89/106/EEC
CPR Harmonized Standard List
EN 1090 Certification

Certification of the manufacturing process of structural steel in accordance with EN 1090 during the execution of the CPR certification

EN 1090 Series

EN 1090 : Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures
EN 1090-1: Requirements for conformity assessment for structural components
EN 1090-2: Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures
EN 1090-3: Technical requirements for the execution of aluminium structures
EN 1090-1: Determination and declaration of the characteristics of a structure
EN 1090-2&3 : Verification of manufacturing processes for structural steel manufacturer

EN 1090 - Determination of Execution Classes

EN 1090-2 regulates to select (declare) an execution class of a product and comply with the relevant requirements

※ EXC: Determined according to Risk Assessment (COF) and Complexity (by Owner or designer)

Execution Classes are determined considering the consequence class and category as below

  • Consequence Class (CC)
  • Service Category (SC)
  • Production Category (PC)
Examples of Execution Class
  • Supporting structures with steel up to strength class S275
  • Buildings with up to 2 floors (4 floors if detached)
  • Bending beams up to 5m, projection beams up to 2m
  • Stairs & railings in residential buildings
  • Agricultural buildings, e.g. barns
  • Supporting structures with steel up to strength class S700
  • Buildings with 2-15 floors
  • Supporting structures with steel up to strength class S700
  • Assemblies/stadiums with large surface roof structures
  • Buildings with more than 15 floors
  • Pedestrian, bicycle, road and railway bridges
  • Crane track
  • Bridges (road & rail) over densely populated areas or industrial plants with high hazard potential
  • Safety tanks in nuclear power plants.