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  • Certification procedure
  • Technical regulations
EU Directive on the conformity assessment of shipbuilding and marine equipment (2014/90/EU)
  • Council Directive 2014/90/EU
  • Commission Implementing Regulation, as amended.
Applicable product for MED
No. Category Product
1 Life-saving appliances Lifeboat, davit, Lifejacket, etc.
2 Marine pollution prevention Incinerator, EGCS, Oil filtering equipment, etc.
3 Fire protection equipment Fire extinguisher, Fire door,Fire hose, etc.
4 Navigation equipment GPS, ECDIS, etc.
5 Radiocommunication equipment EPIRB, RADAR, GMDSS, etc.
6 Equipment required under COLREG 72 Navigation light
7 Other safety equipment Self-contained compressed-air-operated
breathing apparatus for entry
8 Equipment under SOLAS Chapter II-1.Construction Water level detector
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